Weekend Schedule

Saturday, August 21

10:00 am registration and sign in

10:45 am vocal warm-ups

11:00 am singing and recording

12:30 pm lunch break

1:15 pm singing and recording

3:00 pm afternoon break

3:15 pm singing and recording

6:00 pm supper break

6:45 pm singing and recording

9:30 pm goal finish time

Sunday, August 22

10:00 am morning church service


12:30 pm Men’s choir program

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2021 Hymns Now Available!

Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus!

The Leo congregation looks forward to hosting the Men’s Sing on August 21-22.  If you’ve not already registered but plan to come, please register!  And if you’re not planning to attend this year, please update your profile accordingly.  Thank you.

For those interested, music sheets are available on this website.  NOTE: For songs that are public domain, you are free to copy and use at will.  However, for songs with copyrights: (a) you may view and print the sheet music for practice; but (b) you must destroy the copy on or before August 21.  On August 21 you will receive a music book with the paid-for photocopy.  Thank you.

The theme this year is Pray & Proclaim.  (Yes, this flows naturally into the HarvestCall theme of Proclaim & Serve: that is, we Pray before, while, and after we Proclaim & Serve.)

The final list of songs is posted in the sidebar to the right, as well as the menu above.

In Christ,
Jeffery Stoller, Leo
Brian Wenninger, Leo
Director – Ben Luginbuhl, Bloomington

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2021 Men Sing Welcome

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!
Lord willing we plan to host the 2021 AC Men’s Sing on Saturday, August 21st and Sunday, August 22nd in Leo.  Please consider joining us for a weekend of singing and fellowship!  We will plan to provide more details in the future but please register now if that weekend will work for you.
The 2021 Men’s Sing Committee

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Apostolic Christian Men Sing
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