General Questions

How well do I have to be able to sing in order to participate?

The most essential quality is that you enjoy singing. You should be able to comfortably sing your voice part. Previous experience singing in a smaller group and the ability to sight read are a plus.

Can I come for a part of the weekend?

Yes! In the past some brothers have attended the Saturday practice and recording session and then did not stay for the Sunday program. Practicing with the group on Saturday is prerequisite for singing at the Sunday program.

Can I bring my family?

There are activities for the ladies who come but no planned activities for children. Other arrangements would need to be made if children are to come.

I don’t have a real strong voice, does that matter?

That can actually be an advantage as no one person should stand out above the rest. Blending and endurance is the key to a good day of recording.

What is the best way to prepare for the day of the recording?

Download the music and start practicing the part you intend to sing as soon as you can. Listen to the music files that have been included for each song to make sure that you are practicing the right notes. Make every effort to attend the practice sessions. And, most of all, pray that God will bless the event!

How should I determine what part I should sing?

Download and listen to or sing the music, look at the range on the parts and pick a part that you can comfortably sing for many hours in one day!

What are the most important things to remember when singing in a large group?

Know the music well enough that you can keep an eye on the director. Follow the director and his instructions. Start, stop and blend with the other singers in your voice part. If in doubt about something, ask the director rather than your neighbor.

Can we make suggestions for improving the songs?

Many of you are extremely talented and your input is appreciated. Please make your suggestions to us via the website contact form by June 1st. We are open to making minor changes to improve the music even during the practice sessions and up until recording.

How do I know if I am too loud?

Singing too loud can assure you of one thing – your voice will be heard on the recording. Sacred music is most inspiring to the listener if all voices blend together and no one specific voice is sticking out. If you hear your voice much louder than those next to you, you may be singing too loud.

Who will be doing the recording for the CD?

The singing is professionally recorded by Bro. Dennis Virkler of Congerville, IL. (Rejoice Records)

Apostolic Christian Men Sing
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